Remote USB Charging solution, up to 300ft away! Compatible with iPads or any USB powered device


iPad Seacure Wall Mounting Bracket with Angled attchment

iPad Seacure Wall Mounting Bracket with Angled attchment



Many of our customers requested a solution that will enable charging the iPad from more than 15ft away (which is the USB standard charging  limit). We listened!



Available now from our online store is our Remote iPad Charging Kit which enables charging  iPads (or any USB powered device) from an electrical outlet up to 300ft away! Simple to install, this is a complete solution, requiring only the iPad charging cable and a standard network cable at the desired length (also available from our online store):

This solution can work with any USB powered device for charging or continues power supply – web cams, tablets, phones, 3D glasses, toys etc.
For a complete kit, add to your shopping cart:
And a network cable at the desired length:

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