So you already know of so many places where the iPad Wall Mount Bracket  innovates and amazes. Can you guess the latest?

Getting warmer?  Too warm?  Maybe you’re cold? iPad to the rescue!

Imagine an iPad mounted in a Wall Mount Bracket in “control central” of a huge building  – where engineers, technicians and managers can control all  systems with a friendly user-interface with fancy indicators, alerts, and the ability to change settings with a touch of a finger.

Maybe the boiler temperature needs adjusting… Maybe a building floor is too warm or way too cold… Alarm systems or sprinklers need monitoring?

Think of these iPads as internal regulators…a way to monitor and control the building’s systems – and the iPad Wall Mount Brackets external,  convenient and secure “houses”, providing easy access, clear display and a safe and stylish mounting solution.

There is a company in the Washington DC area in business for 19 years,  that specializes in selecting, installing, integrating and supporting LonWorks based products from hundreds of national brands.  This company maintains and supports all of their installed systems, with 99% of all systems still running at 100% capacity. 

Enter the iPad Wall Mount Bracket! iPads are configured to communicate with the building’s systems.  Technical engineers then log-in to the iPads to monitor and control these systems.  This company also operates a 24- hour monitoring and service center to handle alarm functions and customer service needs.

iPad Wall Mount brackets are secure and protect the iPads, allowing the engineers to be hands-free when controlling these systems, eliminating the need to carry their own laptops for monitoring and control.  iPads are working hard for businesses everywhere, and are the latest addition to this industry. Utilizing them allows the engineers to work with maximum efficiency, saving time and money. The iPad Wall Mount Brackets makes iPads readily available for use on site while protecting them.

That’s a built-in customer service bonus wrapped with efficiency!

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