TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL! iPad Wall Mount in Goddard Schools.

Apple iPads are so mainstream by now that soon it will be impossible to remember a time when they weren’t anywhere and everywhere. So it stands to reason that with iPads came tons of innovative, creative and useful accessories…We love to dress up our devices!

The accessory creating the most buzz right now is the Secure iPad Wall Mount Bracket.
The iPad Wall Mount Bracket!  Of course….The perfect tablet accessory!  Getting utilized by the thousands already, it’s just a matter of time before iPads will be securely displayed in these sleek and secure brackets in every public place, and used for everything you can imagine!

A good everyday example for such a use is The Goddard School,  a large preschool franchise across the country which currently has close to 400 schools and growing, is using the iPad Wall Mount Bracket in the most innovative ways.

Utilizing their own web-based management system they have put into practice both a schedule and time manager program for staff, and most original – An electronic sign-in system for parents and students!

ipad in its wall mount bracket
iPad in its secure wall mount bracket
  • iPads are securely mounted and posted at each entrance to the schools. (in some schools,  multiple brackets are mounted to accommodate many parent sign-ins at one time during the morning rush)

    • Each parent or guardian is assigned a PIN code, and signs in the child electronically. This “electronic sign-in book” helps the school to keep more accurate and readily available records.

      • iPad brackets are also installed in teacher staff rooms. Staff members sign-in to gain access to the daily schedules, etc and allows them to maintain their attendance records at the same time.

      The USB extension cables are a perfect accessory for school use allowing the iPads to stay charged all day while posted at entrances. 

      Goddard Schools have made substantial investments of both time and money with iPads, and the accompanying in-house software…so the brackets and related accessories provide the functionality and ease of access,  as well as stylish display that is needed, making perfect sense on many levels!