Everybody HAD to have it.  The iPad . Ahhh What an amazing invention!

We played with our new devices…and played…and played…. We conquered this new technological marvel. No sweat. Our iPads go everywhere we go, and why not? They’re perfect traveling companions.

Of course we now know that iPads are being used for so many things, in so many places. The iPad is a worker! It was just a matter of time before the  “I wish I had some way to…”  started creeping into our consciousness, at about the same time as iPads were making their debut in the “workforce”.  So it made sense that we were now asking  “How can I use the iPad in public places”? “How can we to attach them to a wall, or stand them on a desk or counter, and be sure that they are safe and secure?”

Accessories.  That’s what we needed.  It took some creative-thinking, technologically-minded guys who also wondered how they could attach their iPads to the wall or perch them on their desks, both securely and stylishly, that they had a Eureka! moment.  So after many hours of designing  and testing,  yards of duct tape, lots of Velcro and hot glue, these guys mounted, affixed, displayed, showcased their iPads and built a prototype. 

Then an amazing thing happened – the invention of the iPad Wall Mount Bracket

iPad Wall Mount Bracket

Please click on  iPadWallMount.com and see for yourself!  Testimonials from satisfied customers; photos of iPads mounted beautifully; stylishly and best of all securely in the places you’d never imagine. 

iPad Wall Mounting Bracket

Perhaps one of these businesses does what you do – a frozen yogurt shop that displays iPads at every seat; a preschool safely secures iPads outside all day;  a 100 foot yacht uses the brackets in their plush interiors to display and control; trade shows that beautifully display iPads and feel confident they won’t disappear; or any of many other applications utilizing iPads – then I suggest you check out the extensive product line offered on iPadWallMount.com  to see if you too can benefit from these sleek and secure brackets.

iPad Wall Mount Bracket with Magnet Lock flush mount
iPad Wall Mount Bracket
with Magnet Latch flush mount 
IPad Wall Mount Brackets are constructed from sturdy aluminum and steel, and offered in several sleek and stylish colors and quality finishes. These brackets and their accompanying accessories are being used and praised worldwide!

Order your brackets today, and become one among  thousands of satisfied repeat customers!

iPad Wall Mount Bracket with 45 Deg Desk/Wall mount attachment
iPad Wall Mount Bracket
with 45 Deg Desk/Wall attachment


  1. jasonS says:

    So I’m guessing by this picture that the headphone jack is still accessible? What’s the clearance for it or is just a hole to plug it in? This looks cool! Thanks for the info.

    1. The headphones jack is accessible when the bracket is open. There is enough clearance for the jack inside the bracket.

      When the bracket is close, the headphones jack cannot be unplugged (so one can’t walk away with the headphones).

      The headphones cable can be routed out through the side or the back of the bracket.

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